Head Games: Concussion & CTE
Where Do We Go From Here?
"Too many people are suffering from the devastating effects of football and other contact sports. I have made it my mission to find ways to lower the risk and even help heal already damaged brains" - Dr. John DeWitt
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I am honored to donate a portion of all book sales to Mike Ditka's Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund. This fund provides assistance to retired players that suffer with physical, emotional and financial troubles. Keep in mind that the average salary in 1970 was $23,000 and many players needed second jobs. 
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"He is the man!"
- Washington Redskins HOF
Defensive Back
Darrell Green
"My father's Dad passed from  Alzheimer's and now he is showing early signs of dementia. This inspired me to dive deep into the research to see about ANYTHING that people can do to protect themselves from concussions and reverse some of the symptoms."
"My dear friend that tragically took his own life at the young age of 22. He was a warrior and the most loyal friend I have ever known. He is greatly missed."
"Develop A Second Layer of Protection from Concussions"
*Backed by over 145 research studies
More about the author:
Dr. John DeWitt earned a full football scholarship at Vanderbilt University after his first semester. He went on to play twelve years of professional football and, after retiring, attended Pharmacy School at the University of Arkansas Medical School. 

Frustrated with the pharmaceutical solutions, he then shifted his focus to a more holistic view. He went on to get his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Southern California University of Health Sciences. His thirst for knowledge led him to get certified in Advanced Sports Nutrition and Concussion Evaluation. 

As a member of the NFLPA, he has seen too many of his former teammates suffering with cognitive dysfunction. It wasn't just former pro players, either. His good friend was an amazing linebacker in the SEC that took his own life when he was only 22. 

After Junior Seau and other big name players took their lives as well, he knew he should take action. Life got in the way as he worked at one of the busiest chiropractic practices in Orange County and the Universe stepped in and reminded him of his life's purpose. 

His Dad has been diagnosed with early onset dementia. THIS was the final straw and he dedicated his life to learning all he could about nutrition, cognitive dysfunction and contact sports. This is what led to him releasing this book.
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The parts of the brain that are affected by concussions and why the specific areas matter.
  • Sports that can lead to concussions.  It's not just football and boxing (and not just the guys!)... lacrosse, basketball, softball and even equestrian events have a high occurrence of concussions.
  • Already had a concussion? Discover how long it can take to recover and how to accelerate the healing process.
  • Neurometabolic changes that occur after a concussion. You'll learn the pathological events that occur and the specific dietary changes you NEED to make to optimize your brain health.
  • How to identify the correct nutritional choices after concussion. Glucose and protein homeostasis change after a concussion as well as the energy requirements to maintain proper mental function.
  • Specific nutrients that improve healing after a concussion. Vitamins and minerals are more important than ever after a concussion. Discover which ones and in what amounts to tilt the odds in your favor to heal.
  • How to prepare with proper nutrition BEFORE an injury. You can provide your brain with all the building blocks necessary to dramatically increase the "strength" of the brain which can lessen the effects if you are concussed.
  • Learn the foods that SLOW brain healing. We are what we eat, and eating these foods can hinder your healing and increase the negative side effects of concussions.
  • A Nutritional Strategy for the first week after an injury and beyond. Learn how much more protein you need to counter the protein imbalances that occur after a concussion as well as specific caloric intake changes to speed healing.
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